Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Work In Progress....

Oh boy! Summer is HOT!!!! I have been trying to stay inside for the most part but this week has been busy with Vacation Bible School and homework for my Grad school classes. I just realized I didn't take pictures of VBS. It truly is a wonderful thing my cousin does as a pastor. His heart is so big with love for his faith as well as extending that love to the kids and spreading the word to his youth. I am happy I got to work the arts and crafts/science station with my aunt (aka teammate!). We were busy but tired so today was meant for recuperating. I in the mean time did my homework for classes. 

So my title for tonight is called "A Work In Progress" Maybe this picture will give you a hint why....

Here is Ben after scoring the winning run to lead his team to victory 10-9! He looks kinda strange though.....

Ooohhhhh!!!! That's why he didn't look good. It looks worse today though. He decided to make an unnecessary slide into second plate and later into home plate. This of course is the result of a man who still thinks he is young. Haha!!!!! He has so far ruined one of his white shirts and I got a nice wake up call this morning to my very nice sheets spotted in blood!!!! Let's just say I have become very good friends with Shout! I am sitting in my living room writing this as I listen to my husband in the bathroom screaming and cursing as he tries to peel off the gauze from his scabbed over wounds. I guess I feel bad for him....Poor thing!

These are the times that make me realize that we are not spring chickens anymore. The sad part is that it only gets worse! To all of my readers who are older than I, you are my heros! I am sure you have been through tougher than this but how do you limit yourself when you want to do so much?! My husband could use the advice. LOL! Thanks for reading! Love you all!


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