Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Goals make me crazy!!! Literally!

Here is a picture of a finished bouquet!!! Thanks Amy for giving me this picture!!!! Doesn't it look awesome?!

Good Evening! What a wonderful day!!! I love technology and was fortunate enough to watch the Women's Gymnastics this morning while eating breakfast. It was a great competition and a well deserved win for "The Fab 5". My favorite part was calling my husband's cell phones (yes, he has 2!), his work phone, texting to spoil the surprise. I did this because he decided to tell me the night before all of the results before I sat down to watch the evening broadcast. We have this weird relationship where we try to "out do" each other. It probably isn't healthy but I know we both enjoy having a little fun. LOL! I looked at my pictures and really haven't taken much in the past week. I need to get out and do stuff! 

Well I guess I can talk about my ambitious goals for the near future...
I have decided to take on near impossible tasks to do but I am determined to make my life as complicated as possible. I have been wanting chair pockets for my classroom chairs but when researching for prices and quality, it would be over $200. I spend that money on necessary classroom materials such as glue sticks, notebooks, and manipulatives. I put that off for a year but still had that "want" on my list so I decided to play around on Pinterest. I looked up chair pockets and up pops different types of chair pockets to make. I figure I could make them for 50% less. Sure it takes time and buying materials, but I see it as a goal to reach by December. The best part is that I am not limited to certain color fabric so I could match it to my theme which is "black and white". This is very exciting and scary since I am not the best at using a sewing machine. By working on these I should be a pro by the time I finish all of the chair pockets. 

The other goal I have set for myself is to make quarterly writing and reading journals so I have a better record for parents so they can see the throughout the year. 

I may need to recruit help throughout my processes (aka, Tricia, Karen, Amy, Andrea)...LOL!!! I thank anyone else in advanced that I con into helping my craziness. 

All the while, I am a full time Kindergarten teacher and graduate student. I should have plenty of time! Yeah! Right!! Well this crazy crafty lady needs rest. School starts in 8 days. I don't think I am ready but I am sure it will be ok when the first day comes...Thanks for reading! Goodnight!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Flower Making Party

Today's blog is about an event that was held at my house last weekend. My best friend Tricia is getting married in October to a wonderful man, Alex. I am honored beyond belief to be a part of her special day by being a bridesmaid as well as her "crafty BEEF". She actually is the crafty one since she had decided back in March that she wanted to make her bouquets for her wedding party instead of using real flowers. I knew it was going to take a lot of time and energy so we decided to get everything cut and ready to go so I could host a "flower making" party at my house. All I can say is that it was great fun! I got the privilege of meeting Tricia's mom and sister! I have heard so many wonderful things from Tricia about them that I felt like they had been part of my family all along. Tricia and I also recruited her future in-laws and friends that we work with and people we both love and want her to remember that they made her "dream" come true. Here are some pictures that I snapped while making sure everyone had enough energy to craft...
Here is the bride in a black dress, her sister Hannah (hope I spelled it correctly) and her wonderful mom! Look how happy Tricia looks! She is a very happy bride!
Here is the spread I put together. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mini fruit bowls! Glad I thought of it!

Of course I went overboard and HAD to make mini strawberry shortcakes with mini spoons! Hehe!! They were yummy if I may add.

Look at that teamwork! So many flowers and hot glue gun injuries. These bouquets are much appreciated!

Look what 2 glue guns and 5 people get done! The table is getting full of flowers!

Someone didn't want to be pictured so I shall call her "flower face". hehe! They are looking nice!

Here are the flowers Tricia pre-made prior to the flower making party. She had to quill them and hot glue them. They are ready to put in bouquets!

We recruited Alex's mom, sisters, and his brothers girlfriend to help! They were in charge of making the beaded accents for the bouquet.

At this station, we had our Vicki and Nancy working on daisies (I think). It was glue guns galore in our house!

Here is the detail of one of the flowers that were put together. Crazy!!!

Now look at the table! It is covered!!!! Now time to assemble...

So that was results from a wonderful day with 14 of Tricia's closest family and friends (we missed our other BEEF Marg) but it was very productive. I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of one  of the finished products but I will post it as soon as I see them again. The only way she was able to do this was by using my Cricut Expression and the Flower Shoppe cartridge. If you want specific sizes of what we made, make a comment and I will get back to you. Good night!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Week 4 Back to School Sales!

Good Morning! Here are this weeks sales. There are not a whole lot of things on sale this week. Every year, there is a "lull" week, I think this is it! Oh well, here is what I found...

Office Depot
Next Saturday (Aug. 4) is Teacher Appreciation Day! Make sure you go in!
Composition books 25 cents each (limit 3)
1 cent two pocket folders (limit 10)

With a $5 minimum purchase you can get a hold of these great deals...
1 cent 100 pack paper clips (limit 2)
1 cent two pocket folders (limit 10)
$1- 1 inch binder (limit 2)

Some other deals...
25 cents for 5 pack mechanical pencils (limit 4)
$5 for 24 pk of mechanical pencils

20% off entire purchase including sale items! Go to Michaels website and in the weekly ad, you can download and print the coupon to use in store! Better yet, download the app onto your phone and just show the coupon on your phone at the register. Also remember your teacher id, you can sometimes use the coupon and id (15% discount) together. 

Teacher Appreciation Days are August 11-12.
During those two days, you can get 25% your purchase! 

I also looked at the Office Max, Target, Wal-Mart, and Walgreens but they didn't have outstanding worth mentioning deals. That is it for this weeks sales! Thanks for reading, happy shopping! 


Friday, July 27, 2012

My new and improved classroom!

Today's the day I show off all of the hard work that has prevented me from posting to this blog over the summer. I have organized, thrown out junk, re-organized and finally I am here to show you my finished product! Not one thing is messy in my room. I love my bulletin boards, organizers and set up of my furniture. I generally do not re-organize my furniture but I did a little bit this year. Enjoy!!!

This isn't done yet but it will house my Harcourt Storytown themes which will include worksheets, centers, teacher materials. I had this in my house and was just collecting dust so I figured it would be used at school. I was given this wonderful organizer by my neighbor who has given me so much.

I just re-organized my shelves. I actually can see and use my pre-decodable and decodable books now! I organized them by using those fork,spoon organizers. They are awesome! Under that are my workshop books that I have attended over the years. Under that it's just a few boxes that have materials and under that I used magazine boxes to separate spiral notebooks, social studies workbooks, writing journals, alphabet folder centers. I love this!

The next few pictures are my new and improved bulletin boards and teacher desk! I had a lot of fun making these!!! I have decided to go towards the black and white theme. I also use it as an excuse to stay away from changing my borders each month. I will probably sell my old borders on Craigslist for a REALLY cheap price.

I love love love the black and white theme so I decided to use polka dots on my calendar wall. The yesterday, today, tomorrow and days of the week signed I made last year using my Cricut. I also made a years worth of calendar pieces but that it another blog entry. On the left side, I still have signs to make so it's still in a work in progress.

Here is my "kid board" where I take pictures of my students at the beginning of the year and I put them on this board and change them each month. They start out as balloons "soaring high for expectations". LOL!

Here is my main board where I used to put my weekly art work but I think it will now be an academic board of some sort but I haven't worked out the logistics. Oh well, BUT it's black and white so I am very happy!

My pride and joy! My desk! I have not had a desk since my first year of teaching and this year I decided to treat myself. I have organized my pens, crayons, "extra" miscellaneous things on my table which you cannot see very well. I also have an organizer for my binders for the various jobs I do around campus. (This way I can be organized) and I decided to hide my bigger center toys under the cloth! I used Velcro so I can have easy access along with a nice way to hide things. Overall I am very happy. What I realize right now is you cannot see my magnetic border on my whiteboard. I guess I will have to post another picture.
Well I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration for your own classrooms. I know Pinterest has been a huge inspiration for me. I love decorating and making things work in classrooms so I look forward to the school year. I can't believe summer has gone by so quickly but oh well! Have a restful evening and Go Team USA!!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to School Sales Week 3

Good Morning Teachers and Parents!!!!

Welcome to week 3! I can't believe school starts for me in just a few weeks! I set up my classroom last week and am so excited! It looks so nice and all that time and hard work I put into it this summer will pay off this school year. Ok, so here we go on this week's deals....

Office Depot
Rulers, Protractors 10 cents each (didn't say a limit)
1 inch poly binder 50 cents each (limit 3)
4 pack Scholastic glue sticks 50 cents each (limit 3)
BIC white out correction tape 50 cents each (limit 3) GOOD DEAL!!
35 cents color copies for teachers (just an FYI)

Office Max
Protractor or Ball Bearing compass 5 cents each (limit 3)
Scholastic Markers 10 pk or 8 pk 25 cents each (limit 2)
5 pk pink erasers 25 cents (limit 2)
Composition notebook 50 cents each (limit 5)
Mechanical pencils 10 pk for 75 cents (limit 3)
10 FREE FOLDERS! (must make a $5 minimum purchase)

Easy Rebates are SUPER EASY! These deals are worth it if you can wait to get your money back...
Zebra 10 pk Mechanical Pencils (pay $4 but get it back after you submit the rebate)
Pentel 5 pk Pens (pay $4 but get it back after you submit the rebate)

The following deals are 1 cent deals with a $5 minimum purchase. I am assuming there is a limit but it didn't say in the ad.
1 cent pink eraser caps package
1 cent 3x5 index cards

These are just deals that I thought I should mention
25 cents for tape flags
50 cents for 5 pk Sharpie highligters
$1 Post-It die cut notes
$1 multipurpose copy paper

The following deals are 99 cents this week
6pk Elmers glue
8pk mechanical pencils
12 pk Crayola Colored pencils
Selected Mead folders, notebooks, composition notebooks
20 cents for 2 pk pink erasers, pencil sharpener
There are also many deals on storage and organization tubs. Take a look when you go to Target. I bought all my organization at the beginning of the summer when the stuff was on sale. My room now looks fantastic!! Maybe I'll post a pic up tonight!

Happy Shopping!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Back to School Sales week 2

Hello Educators!

It's the wonderful time of the week where new sales for back to school appear.

Hope everyone found great deals last week so here is for another week of happy shopping...

Office Max
With a $5 minimum purchase you can get up to 2 of rulers, sharpeners and 24pk crayons (Office Max brand).
Also, limit 3 each you can get these great deals...
10 cents for a 10 pack of Papermate Blue or Black ballpoint pens
10 cents for Dixon 10 pack pencils

Office Depot
10 cents 2 pocket portfolio (with or without prongs) Limit 10

With a $5 minimum purchase you can get the following items for 1 cent each...
8.5x11 writing pad (white or yellow) Limit 2
5 tab divider (limit 2)
Also you can get the following deals....
5 pack BIC mechanical pencils for FREE by submitting a easy rebate (honestly, they are super easy!)
50 cents for Staples pencil boxes
6pk  Remarx dry erase markers (limit 4)
$1 Expo Dry Erase Board cleaner

10 cents Elmers glue stick (this is for each glue stick! GOOD DEAL!)
50 cents Crayola 24 pk crayons
50 cents for Elmer's White Glue
92 cents for 1 inch binder

(Wal-Mart does ad match prices BUT you will need to take the add to show them the pricing. They used to let prices go on the honor system but not anymore. This means you can save gas and go to Wal-Mart and just get the stuff like you would get at the same price.)

Just a side note that Michael's gives a 15% discount everyday for teachers with id. Right now they have some cute classroom supplies at buy 2 get 1 free.

That is it for this week. Not a ton of gonga deals but I am sure it will pick up next week. I know in July there is always a "dull" week of sales. Have fun!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Good Morning to Everyone out there! I hope you still remember who I am but I have been enjoying some much needed time off from life. The coming Sundays will be dedicated all the teachers out there looking for "Smokin'" deals for back to school. I myself and a shopaholic and love a good deal when I see one. This is the start to the season so happy reading and happy shopping!

Target has some good deals....
50 cents for 2-pocket poly portfolio
75 cents for 1-subject poly notebooks
99 cents for 10-count markers or 12-count colored pencils (Crayola brand)
$4 for 12-ct dry erase crayons
$1 for 2pk Sharpie markers or pocket highlighters (LOOK AT STAPLES DEAL!)
$10 Sterlite 3-drawer white rolling storage cart

Out of all the sales at Target, these are NOT the best deals but they will only get better. The Sterlite 3-drawer cart is a good deal especially if you are considering organizing your classroom more.

The next store on my list is Staples....
The next three deals are 1 cent each BUT limit 2. (That just means more visits and store hopping...LOL!)
RoseArt Crayons 24-pk
Staples washable white school glue 4 oz.
BIC Round Stic ballpoint pens, black, 8 pk.

5pk/ $1 Sharpie pens
25 cents for Paper Mate Sharpwriter mechanical pencils 5pk
25 cents Staples 8.5x11 multipurpose paper (Limit 2, rebate required so you pay 6.99 but get 6.74 back)
50 cents pink eraser 3 pack
$1 4pk Staples glue sticks (if you are desperate these may be ok, but I would hold out for a Elmers deal)

Out of all these deals, the Sharpies are good. The multipurpose paper is great if you are willing to front the money and wait for the easy rebate. They are really easy to submit online so you do not have to mail it in and pay for postage.  Also Staples has brought back their "Back to School" savings pass. The kicker is that it costs you $10 so you can save 15% all season long on back to school items. The 15% pass only lasts til 9/15/12. (Opinions are welcome to this but I see it as a waste of money). In their ad, they have a $5 off coupon a $30 or more purchase.

Next up is Office Max...
10 FREE 2-pocket folders with a $5 minimum purchase (before tax)
25 cents for 4pk Office Max glue sticks (GOOD DEAL!!! Limit 3 otherwise you pay $2 for more than that)
50 cents for Composition notebooks (Limit 5)

If you pick up one of their ads, you will find additional coupons for some pretty good deals.
$1 for 12pk Black Sharpie markers
$1 Paper Mate Mechanical pencils 2pk
(Just remember to get a coupon!)

Office Max also has a coupon in their ad this week that  is $5 off your purchase of $25 or more. This is better than Staples.

Office depot has some 100% back in rewards deals but those are on their regular priced items listed in their ad. Not sure this is a great deal but if you rely heavily on Office Depot rewards then take a look at their Office Depot website.

I tried to go through all of the ads that are put out weekly, in newspaper and online and these were the deals I thought were great. This is just the beginning so I can guarantee that deals will get better in the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Add deals that you find and above all, HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

Thanks for reading!