Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to School Sale Season 2013 WEEK 1

Good Sunday Morning to you all!

Today is the start of my Back to School weekly sale searches. If you are not familiar with my madness, I go through all of the major ads that would sell back to school supplies. I select what I feel are the best deals of the week and put them here for you to get. It's as simple as that! This year I want to ask my readers to make recommendations of what they want to see (furniture, storage, USB flash drives, etc.) I can then go off of those recommendations and look up what the best prices are. I guess we are ready to start so lets go!

Tip of the week: As my mom and dad tells me "Don't put all your eggs in one basket". The same rule applies to shopping this week. Don't buy everything you see this week because chances are that most of the deals I post will come along again or it may be cheaper!

Office Max
10 cents for 8pk yellow pencils (limit 3)
25 cents for Office Max brand 4pk glue sticks (limit 3)
1 cent spiral notebook (couldn't locate the limit BUT you have to have a $5 minimum purchase)
NOTE: I asked the manager at my local Office Max and was told teachers could double the limit as long as you have your school ID. (example: limit 3, teachers can get 6)

Office Depot
25 cents for filler paper (limit 3)
$9.99 Scandisk 16GB USB cruzer

Buy 2 get 1 free on ENTIRE stock of teacher classroom decor and storage
NOTE: Teachers get a 15% discount with your teacher ID.
NOTE: Make sure to download the Michael's APP on your smartphone, you can get electronic coupons you can use. This week there is a 25% off your entire purchase including sale items. (You cannot double your discount with the coupon though.)

25 cents for white glue (limit 2)
25 cents for RoseArt 24pk crayons (limit 2)

$10 3 bin plastic storage organizer
$15 mini tower fan (for those of you who may need a fan in your room)
Buy 1 get 1 for $1 8GB ScanDisk USB cruzer (The intital is $10)


17 cents for spiral notebooks
92 cents for value 1" binder
50 cents for Crayola 24pk crayons
97 cents for Crayola 10pk markers or 12pk colored pencils
50 cents for Elmers white glue
NOTE: I LOVE this store! They price match almost anything! Here is the link to their website to see exactly how you can get the better prices from other stores. Ad Match Guarantee
NOTE: These prices will not change and will stay this way throughout Back to school season. This is from the years I have tracked them. :)

STEAL OF THE WEEK: With technology being pushed into classrooms, the uprising need to have storage for all of those crazy cool lessons you teachers design, the best deal is Target's USB. This way you have ways of organizing your files for a subject or school year, or by anything you can think of. I have at least 6 USB sticks because of the years I have accumulated lessons. They always seem to come in handy.

I guess I have given you some motivation to start thinking about school. I am loving vacation still and am not ready to go shopping yet but I may pick up a few flash drives this week. Happy shopping and I will see you with new deals next week!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summertime and my life isn't so easy!

I am in summer mode which means I have lots of time to think. When I think, I get I trouble. Since Ben and I are not going anywhere this summer, we have decided to make some improvements to the house. Our big project this summer is put laminate wood flooring in our hallway and home office/craft room. Well I had to move all the stuff out which gave me inspiration to redo my craft room for the third time. Of course I want new furniture, new ways to organize all thanks to Pinterest. Ben isn't so happy about this but I am certain if he trusts me. He will love it. 
Thanks to my good friends Amy and Rik for helping me out by taking all that junk out and getting the old carpet out. 

I did already finish a project which was to make curtains for my kitchen/ dining room area. Here it is: 
Ben isn't fond of the fabric but I think it adds color to the boring yellow wall.

So now onto the list for my summer projects;
1. Redo craft room
2. Create a new classroom (big project) that will be my next entry.
3. Fabric crayon holders
4. Deep clean the house
5. Work with a landscaper to design a new backyard with jacuzzi! This is Ben's vision but I will do all of the decision making. 
I think I have enough to keep me busy. I may be crazy but I love doing things like this in summer!

Crazy by the heat,


Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm still alive......barely!

Hello World! 

I have resurfaced once again after a whirlwind of a year! Summer is rapidly approaching and I have been going non-stop with Grad school. It's this time of the year where I start to reflect on the blessings that have occurred and the upcoming events that will change my life. 

1. Graduate school- It has taken me a three semesters and a summer to complete all of my classes! I can officially say I have only my internship left which I will complete in the upcoming school year with an awesome principal! It has been a crazy but fun ride. I have learned a great deal about myself as a leader and I have grown in a great way. I can only imagine what my internship will look like and how I will develop more as a leader. I AM EXCITED! I would not be here without my family and friends support. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and bugging me about getting my papers done. I am dedicated but sometimes I needed that extra nudge. :)

2. Kindergarten- This is a change. After contemplating where I want my career to take me and how I want to grow as a teacher, I have decided to change schools within my district and become a Hendrick's Hawk. This decision comes with many positives and I am excited for what is in store for me next fall. I will be doing my internship with the principal who hired me in the district. I will also be working with a smaller team who have great ideas on where to take kids and to evolve with the Common Core. We have already been bonding and working closely. I know I have made the right decision BUT I will miss my Bulldogs terribly! I have nothing but admiration for the school I call home and I only hope to keep in close contact with all of the friends I have made. 

3. Parents- This is another change. My parents who have lived in the same house for 43 years have decided to make a change of their own............move to Tucson! This has been a change in the making for the past several months and I am super excited that they will be in the same city as me. I have my aunt and uncle to thank for taking the time and patience to help them look for a place. I will say it is only 2 miles away from my house. Yeah..........I am happy about that but they are under the impression I will not stay in my home forever. LOL! I will miss my childhood home but I can only imagine what joy they will have decorating a new house. It has already been an adventure. They will be making the big move at the end of May. Best wishes that the move goes smoothly.

4. Friends- ALL of my friends are a true blessing! I am so happy that I have a group of friends that I can rely on to talk to, hang out with, and just know they are friends. I would not know what to do with myself if I didn't have friends. Speaking of friends....they also help me make my Kindergarten scrapbooks. LOL!

5. Husband- He has not changed and he knows he is my blessing. He is Ben. He is 30! (That's about all that has changed, his age!) He supports every decision I make. He accepts my faults (my Coach addiction). He runs my errands (drops off my Grad school work when he is available). He takes care of the dog (NOT.... j/k). He is Ben and he will always be my husband and best friend. 

Well I guess that is all for tonight.....I hope to update this blog at least once more before chaos erupts (aka end of the school year). Otherwise, I will post more this summer! I can see the light at the end of the school year tunnel! Happy reading!