Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer is meant for relaxing....wait! No! What does relaxing mean?!

I am still getting used to this blogging thing so please be patient with me while i learn. My typing skills are off since i am typing on my ipad so excuse my grammar. Today I felt like cleaning, not my house but my classroom. The district has decided to save money which is good but they have decided to turn off the air in my building for the summer. My solution, take all the junk home! So my garage is my temporary classroom for the time being. One of my goals this summer is to become THE ULTIMATE ORGANIZED KINDERGARTEN TEACHER. For those of you that teach or have taught Kinder, it is a very ambitious task. Today's task was to reorganize my entire sticker collection. Well I have taken pictures and am ready to post them but I am too lazy to get out my laptop and upload them. I will do that tomorrow. I think what I have done so far, I am very proud and excited to share my idea. Some may think this was too OCD but I know I will appreciate it. Lol! Well tomorrow I am conquering another goal....babysitting my four cousins all under the age of 10. I am very excited but a bit nervous. I hope that I make it out alive otherwise this may be the world's shortest blog ever! Did I mention I was starting another class towards my masters? I have decided to take school finance. First off the word finance scares the living daylights out of me! It means MATH! I am horrible at math! (thus the reason why I teach Kindergarten math) Ben laughs at me when he has to do triple digit addition form me and even sometimes double digit addition because I take too long. Lol! As you can see, math is not my strong suit. Lets hope school finance is at my level. No, seriously I am excited to make my brain work this summer. I will do my best and try not to ask Ben for help with my homework otherwise it will feel like we are back in high school. Thanks for reading! I am open to any suggestions to making this blog better. I need tips! Goodnight!

Nevermind.......couldn't sleep without putting the pics up. :) 

These are the awesome storage shelves Ben put in our garage for me so  I could store school stuff at home. Our school got rid of our storage sheds so we had to put it in our garage since my classroom doesn't have any storage space.

These are the stickers I own. You will see my finished product excited!!!!

Stuff from my classroom.....geez this is going to take the whole summer! Luckily we are not going anywhere!

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