Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Terrific Tuesday!

Good Evening!

I have survived a terrific Tuesday! (Can you tell the Kinder teacher side of me wanted to come out?) I have the wonderful privilege of babysitting my cousins three children and my other cousins older son all under the age of 10. I honestly have not had a lot of babysitting experience but do enjoy every chance I get to spend time with my family. I had brought over the leftover stickers that I had decided to trash from my collection and let the kids just do whatever they wanted with them. The older two cousins made collages and scenic backdrops using the stickers and crayons. The younger two cousins decided to just stick them on themselves as well as the paper they had. I was thinking of something they could do with these stickers and I just remembering putting the basket on the table and the kids creative minds took over. It was amazing to see. I honestly do not see that anymore in Kindergarten since we have so much to cover in state standards. Why can't we let kids be kids sometimes?! What I saw today gives me inspiration to create lessons for my students to be more creative in their own ways. I can't wait til tomorrow, we are making cookies!!!! YUMMMMMM!!!!!!

I also faced my fears of attending my first of eight "School Finance" classes. The professor was 15 minutes late since he had to drive from Benson (which is about an hour from the campus) and we started off doing.....MATH!!!! I put out my disclaimer during my class introduction that I am horrible and afraid of math. 
His response..."you will get A LOT of practice!"
I could only think "Oh geez! What have you gotten yourself into?!"
The math wasn't really that bad. Although all we had to do was figure out what age I could retire at and how long I actually had to teach to get my full retirement. (I had taught myself how to do that BEFORE I started teaching!) Don't judge or ask my why I had my financial planning done before I started my career but because I am goal oriented, I probably wanted to know when the end was in sight. LOL! We will see what Thursday class brings as far as more math is concerned. 

New Plan!!!! I think I may see if I can keep up with blogging for a month and revamp it into categories instead. I take this inspiration from Pioneer Woman. Of course, she is a woman who does it all but why can't I do it all too? I mean I enjoy teaching, cooking, crafting, my dog, shopping, and a whole lot more that I can't think of but it is just a thought for now. Oh well! Goodnight!


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