Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My sweet dog....

I thought today's blog would focus on something very near and dear to my dog! My dog's name is Snuggles and boy does she live up to the name. As you can see from the pictures below, she loves to snuggle with people as well as my pillow. LOL! She is a Pom-a-poo (part Pomeranian/ part Poodle). She was also born the day after we got married (October 2, 2009). We adopted her after my parents realized they were not ready to take care of a puppy. Since then, she has been spoiled rotten with love and attention. She loves sleeping on ALL the furniture and she burrows in our bed when she wants peace and quiet. Sometimes I wish I had her life....sleep in, nap all day, play when I feel like it, eat when I want, and get unconditional love.'s the dog's life. Although, Snuggles doesn't have Coach bags, so I may have to rethink wanting to live her lifestyle. I love my Snuggles!
Her favorite pillow!

Chillin' out watching tv

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