Sunday, August 26, 2012

Itchy itchy itchy hives!!!

Good Evening Everyone!

I am pretty much done with back-to-school sales now since they are very few left. I know Office Depot has 5 cent pencil cap erasers  but nothing too exciting. So yesterday was fun! I had my friends over to craft. The plan was to eat lunch and then make pocket chair covers BUT I got as far as cutting the fabric. So they are still not done but I guess I have over Labor Day holiday to do them. As we were crafting, I started feeling itchy behind my ears. I scratched for a while and then it started to spread as if I were getting a rash. Well soon enough, it spread all over my body! I had full on hives. I thought of everything I ate and nothing was out of the ordinary. The only explanation I can give is maybe the yard work I did on Wednesday caused me to have small hives on my legs where I touched the plants. Only thing is that I am EXTREMELY itchy. I took Benadryl and all it did was knock me out! We went out to dinner and had a wonderful time. I wasn't itchy and slept throughout the night. This morning I woke up and yet again I was covered in hives. I couldn't even think straight because I was concentrating on the itching. LOL! I finally decided to go to Urgent Care. I am now on 3 different prescriptions! We still don't know what caused this but it's no fun. As I type, I just discovered a hive on my lower lip and boy does it hurt! Enough of me telling you about my problem.....I have a few more pictures from our remodel.

We have a bonus room now! We used to have 3 bedroom 2 bathrooms but now we have a third bathroom. (It isn't very pleasant and I don't have to use it but it's pretty funny) Just take a look.....

Our third bathroom! NOT!

Our massive trash can. We have thrown all kinds of junk in here. Can't wait til it's gone!

I cut this piece of fabric. That's all I did before I got hives.
Here is a picture of my Aunt Susan and I at her Birthday Party weekend in Scottsdale. I love you Susan!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!
My pictures were a mash of a little bit of everything. Sorry! I am now off to take my medications and grade my homework folders before I go to sleep. Have a great evening! Have a wonderful Monday!


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