Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am the luckiest person ever!

Happy Sunday everyone! I am finally on a well deserved 3 day vacation! I will be spending the weekend with my wonderful husband and loving parents at our family cabin in northern Arizona. I love Labor day and spend this week teaching my students the importance of understanding holidays and their meanings instead of it being "just a day off". I feel like life has caught up with me and now I am barely treading water. I spent 12 hours at work prepping my room, cleaning my room, and just trying to organize it. You wouldn't think that 3 weeks of school would disorganize someone but it happened to me. I had to organize it Friday otherwise I would have never gotten it done. I brought home my dog and work on yet again more stuff and do the laundry in preparation for our trip. Well I walked into the house and this is what I saw....

BEN WAS CLEANING THE HOUSE ON A FRIDAY EVENING! This is not unusual to see him cleaning but it was just Friday and we were getting ready to leave and he knows how much I love to come home to a clean house. He not only cleaned but earlier in the day he graciously came down to my school to be "Rocket Man". We as a grade level did the mentos and diet coke experiment. He dropped the mentos into the bottle, wore a lab coat and a got a little messy. Needless to say he also inherited 102 excited and happy Kindergartners. LOL! My kids were in love with him. Ben is fascinated by how curious and young my kiddos are. Let's just say my class will be treated to his "P" shaped pancakes in a few weeks. THEY LOVE THAT!That is why I named my entry today "LUCKIEST PERSON EVER!" I truly am blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is understanding of my life and personality. LOL!

We are in my birthplace this weekend in beautiful Prescott, AZ! Ben decided to take advantage of the cooler 70 degree weather and take his bike out on a ride this morning. I drove him to his starting point and here are a few pics I snapped when he started his "adventure".

Here he is getting ready to ride. I drove him to the base of our cabin since there wasn't a "bike path" and I was being overly cautious. LOL!

He's all ready. I had to snap a "last shot" just in case it was his actual last shot. LOL!

Bye Ben! Have fun! See you at Starbucks!

My definition of "breakfast of champions"! My dad's homemade menudo! YUM!

So I guess that is all for now. I hope everyone is having a wonderful and relaxing weekend! I know I am.


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