Friday, July 27, 2012

My new and improved classroom!

Today's the day I show off all of the hard work that has prevented me from posting to this blog over the summer. I have organized, thrown out junk, re-organized and finally I am here to show you my finished product! Not one thing is messy in my room. I love my bulletin boards, organizers and set up of my furniture. I generally do not re-organize my furniture but I did a little bit this year. Enjoy!!!

This isn't done yet but it will house my Harcourt Storytown themes which will include worksheets, centers, teacher materials. I had this in my house and was just collecting dust so I figured it would be used at school. I was given this wonderful organizer by my neighbor who has given me so much.

I just re-organized my shelves. I actually can see and use my pre-decodable and decodable books now! I organized them by using those fork,spoon organizers. They are awesome! Under that are my workshop books that I have attended over the years. Under that it's just a few boxes that have materials and under that I used magazine boxes to separate spiral notebooks, social studies workbooks, writing journals, alphabet folder centers. I love this!

The next few pictures are my new and improved bulletin boards and teacher desk! I had a lot of fun making these!!! I have decided to go towards the black and white theme. I also use it as an excuse to stay away from changing my borders each month. I will probably sell my old borders on Craigslist for a REALLY cheap price.

I love love love the black and white theme so I decided to use polka dots on my calendar wall. The yesterday, today, tomorrow and days of the week signed I made last year using my Cricut. I also made a years worth of calendar pieces but that it another blog entry. On the left side, I still have signs to make so it's still in a work in progress.

Here is my "kid board" where I take pictures of my students at the beginning of the year and I put them on this board and change them each month. They start out as balloons "soaring high for expectations". LOL!

Here is my main board where I used to put my weekly art work but I think it will now be an academic board of some sort but I haven't worked out the logistics. Oh well, BUT it's black and white so I am very happy!

My pride and joy! My desk! I have not had a desk since my first year of teaching and this year I decided to treat myself. I have organized my pens, crayons, "extra" miscellaneous things on my table which you cannot see very well. I also have an organizer for my binders for the various jobs I do around campus. (This way I can be organized) and I decided to hide my bigger center toys under the cloth! I used Velcro so I can have easy access along with a nice way to hide things. Overall I am very happy. What I realize right now is you cannot see my magnetic border on my whiteboard. I guess I will have to post another picture.
Well I hope you enjoy and get some inspiration for your own classrooms. I know Pinterest has been a huge inspiration for me. I love decorating and making things work in classrooms so I look forward to the school year. I can't believe summer has gone by so quickly but oh well! Have a restful evening and Go Team USA!!!!

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