Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back to School Sales Week 3

Good Morning Teachers and Parents!!!!

Welcome to week 3! I can't believe school starts for me in just a few weeks! I set up my classroom last week and am so excited! It looks so nice and all that time and hard work I put into it this summer will pay off this school year. Ok, so here we go on this week's deals....

Office Depot
Rulers, Protractors 10 cents each (didn't say a limit)
1 inch poly binder 50 cents each (limit 3)
4 pack Scholastic glue sticks 50 cents each (limit 3)
BIC white out correction tape 50 cents each (limit 3) GOOD DEAL!!
35 cents color copies for teachers (just an FYI)

Office Max
Protractor or Ball Bearing compass 5 cents each (limit 3)
Scholastic Markers 10 pk or 8 pk 25 cents each (limit 2)
5 pk pink erasers 25 cents (limit 2)
Composition notebook 50 cents each (limit 5)
Mechanical pencils 10 pk for 75 cents (limit 3)
10 FREE FOLDERS! (must make a $5 minimum purchase)

Easy Rebates are SUPER EASY! These deals are worth it if you can wait to get your money back...
Zebra 10 pk Mechanical Pencils (pay $4 but get it back after you submit the rebate)
Pentel 5 pk Pens (pay $4 but get it back after you submit the rebate)

The following deals are 1 cent deals with a $5 minimum purchase. I am assuming there is a limit but it didn't say in the ad.
1 cent pink eraser caps package
1 cent 3x5 index cards

These are just deals that I thought I should mention
25 cents for tape flags
50 cents for 5 pk Sharpie highligters
$1 Post-It die cut notes
$1 multipurpose copy paper

The following deals are 99 cents this week
6pk Elmers glue
8pk mechanical pencils
12 pk Crayola Colored pencils
Selected Mead folders, notebooks, composition notebooks
20 cents for 2 pk pink erasers, pencil sharpener
There are also many deals on storage and organization tubs. Take a look when you go to Target. I bought all my organization at the beginning of the summer when the stuff was on sale. My room now looks fantastic!! Maybe I'll post a pic up tonight!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Yay for free pens & pencils! And the easy rebate really is super easy!