Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's been a crazy year but I'm alive!

Hello again!

It is officially the first week of summer for me and what better way to start it off than updating my blog! This year has been a great and crazy one! After my back to school sales episode I started last year, my husband and I had a traumatic experience happen to us. Our dear dog "Snuggles" was bitten by a rattlesnake in our backyard right before bedtime. It happened so quickly and we have thought what we could have done but time has healed some of the wounds. In late October, we adopted "Roo" after I saw her and her eyes, I couldn't resist and she has given us a new closure.
I also changed schools and am teaching in the same district. I love it! I can't tell you how much I love my team (Kinder and a school), my principal/mentor, and the kids. It was one of the best decisions I made and I have no regrets. Not only did I change schools but I also did my internship for my masters degree this year. My principal was my mentor and he kept me busy! I learned so much and hope to continue to grow next year. I am now officially done with my Masters degree! I have a ceremony on Thursday which my parents, family and friends will attend.

That pretty much sums up the year......now on to the now!

I have taken up a new hobby besides crafting.....cycling. Not hardcore but its a hobby and a way to get myself moving this summer. I have actually had a bike for a year now but it was a mountain bike and IT IS HEAVY!!! Of course my criteria for buying a bike a year ago was it had to have pink. (Note to self- color should not be a selling point if you are serious about riding! LOL!)

I am getting ready for a ride in Lake Tahoe coming up this Sunday! My husband, two friends and I will be making the trek up to Tahoe later in the week to do the ride. While riding with my friends this past week, I was having trouble with my gears and was told it would be best to tune the bike up before I go. We took it to the local bike shop and checked in the bike. While doing so, my friend locked his keys in the car and we were "stuck" looking at the neat stuff in the shop. I was just looking at road bikes and other ones and I see this one with PINK! I asked questions about the bike and noticed the price was decent and it seemed like a good bike. I took it for a test ride in the back and I could immediately tell the difference! I was sold but my other friend told me to consult my husband. I texted him and he said "do whatever you want" so I took it as a yes. I bought it and I am so happy I actually enjoy riding a little LIGHTER bike AND it even has PINK!

I have taken my bike out for the past 4 days and I have conquered three big hills! The ride is 35 miles and the most I have done in a ride is 33. I know I can do it! Tomorrow's blog will talk about my new pup.

(NOTE: I usually do pictures but my husband was too kind and bought me a MacBook Air for Christmas so I am still trying to learn. )

All for now,


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